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LYNX™iHOOK!TM FASTENING TECHNOLOGIES include methods for integrally molding hook-and-loop HOOK portions attachable to Velcro®-like loop materials and fabric.

iHook!™ Double-Sided Disk 
iHook!™ Buckle Buckle Detail


iHOOK!TM systems are integrally molded by utilizing a set of by-passing dies to produce an open matrix-like structure with a set of under cut hook elements arranged around the perimeter of each opening in the
iHOOK!TM products are produced with common reciprocating molding processes using insert dies or integrated molds.  Therefore, the hooks may be precisely formed for selective loop compatibility, and double-sided hook portions may be produced.  The technology also includes new methods for assembling products in the factory or field by“sandwiching” hook or loop materials between components.  Flush assemblies with tight joints may be achieved and fabric layers may be securely attached in direct interfacing contact. 


iHOOK!TM may be economically manufactured in a wide range of materials, as stand-alone products or as integrally molded fastening zones in plastic components. iHOOK!TM may also be produced in a hermaphroditic form to provide self-engaging hook fasteners.
iHOOK!TMcan be integrally molded into virtually any injection molded product.  The joining buckle illustrated here provides easy to use symmetrical adjustability for connecting fabric straps in a clothing application.     
iHOOK!TMtechnology also includes double-sided hook systems as well as methods for assembling multiple components by utilizing these devices.The .80” diameter double-sided button shown here provides a blind connector for overlapping fabric layers for a medical application.   

  iHOOK!TM is an economical alternative to attached hook-and-loop (Velcro®, 3M ScotchmateTM),which must be adhered to a product substrate by adhesives or welding, and it provides significant advantages over such systems with regard to reliability and durability.  A chief benefit of the technology is that hook zones may now be integrally molded directly into a product or product component, thereby eliminating the cost of assembling separate components, and the unreliability of attached systems.  The current solutions add thickness and bulk to an assembly as well as costs. Users will benefit by the self cleaning aspects, selective grab design, a smoother texture, and potentially quieter operation.  In addition to these inherent functional advantages, iHOOK!TM may be produced in unique individualized geometric designs which can add significant market value for visually significant consumer goods.

iHOOK!TM is protected by US Patent 7254874, and patents pending.