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LYNX™ XOLOKTM  FASTENING TECHNOLOGIES securely attach two portions in a flush face-to-face assembly with no additive thickness.
XOLOK™Flexible Strap

HOW IT WORKS:                        

XOLOKTM systems comprise hermaphroditic portions each having a perforated structural matrix with low profile protrusions at its intersections partially extending over adjacent windows.  At least one portion is flexible enough to allow its protrusions to be compressed into the windows of the other portion, so that when assembled the surfaces of each portion interface one another and the protrusions are entrapped within corresponding windows.  Therefore, the overall thickness of the assembly is typically no greater than the thickness of the individual portions.  The assembly is highly resistant to both shear and tensile forces but may be readily peeled apart.  The protrusions are designed to enhance self-alignment of the parts and allow for flexure of the assembled parts.    

Single or double-sidedsystems may be utilized for straps, wraps, bindings, and for attaching rigid components to flexible materials.  Self-Engaging Fabrics may also be produced with this method. 


XOLOKTM systems may be manufactured as stand alone products or as integrally molded fastening zones using common reciprocating molding processes; and they may be produced in a variety of geometric designs including self-engaging double-sided straps and wraps.


Flat Xolok Strap 

Self-engaging XOLOKTM straps and surfaces are scalable and available in diverse geometric patterns.  

XOLOKTM straps and wraps include many material options. Designs can include offset arrays as illustrated here or have diamond orquadrille patterns.  The device can also be integrated into an open weave fabric so as to provide a highly flexible interlocking mesh useful for fashion, sports, or medical applications. 



XOLOKTM technology provides a cost-effective low-profile alternative to Velcro®-like ties, adhesives, buckles, and other products currently used to wrap, bind, or fasten.  Because of its inherent flexibility, it provides an ideal envelope for non-uniform shapes and for apparel, diverse therapeutic wraps and medical applications.  The technology provides a significantly thinner, more flexible, non-grabbing solution than standard Velcro®or 3M Dual-lock™ which can be manufactured at low cost.  Its low-profile and unique geometric designs can greatly enhance product appearance which can add significant market value for visually significant consumer goods, and its open structure can be readily cleaned and allows thorough ventilation. Therefore, XOLOKTM systems are ideally suited for a variety of medical and non-clinical uses such as therapeutic wraps and the like
XOLOKTM  patent applications are pending.